Lynelle make hair fashion products more accessible and more affordable to serve the whole family with all age groups to enjoy : from the toddler to the grandparents! Even growing numbers of  young and older people dealing with alopecia, hairloss and hair thinning are helped by LYNELLE Hair products.

Hundreds of stylish LYNELLE hair products for men, women  & kids.There is a LYNELLE Hair product for everyone!

Hair may not take center stage all the time but is part of every signature look of people whether celebrities or not. Wigs ?  Who would wear them? Bald or old people?  Not anymore! Wigs are stylish!

We strive to change the old notion of people about  “hair fashion” as a whole by introducing new products constantly that are in sync with the latest in global hair fashion, beauty and fashion.

Hair all is an expression of every person’s style, an art form , a reflection of the signs of the times. Hair has a transforming power that completes and enhances one’s looks whatever the season  and we bring that message forward to as much people as we can.


  • Project Type Lynelle Hair Fashion
  • Keira Hair Extensions Hairstylist
  • Client Hair Extensions and Wigs
  • Project Year 2014
  • Website